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Hello and welcome,

My name is Dorit Misholi, I am a therapist specialising in couples therapy, psychotherapy and sex therapy. 

The motivations for starting therapy are diverse. People often seek counseling when they come across difficulties in communicating with a loved one either in a relationship with a significant other or with a family member. At other times, it is about a person’s relationship with themselves, or about a person’s wish to find a partner and form a relationship. 

Dorit Misholi

Such difficulties can manifest in different ways such as anger, conflict, constant fighting, anxieties, loneliness, or difficulties with sexual performance. During therapy, we will examine these issues along with fundamental tools such as conflict-driven communication versus supportive nurturing communication; defining boundaries and expectations; sexual communication, accompanied by suggestions for practical exercises.

The relationship between a therapies and a patient is the foundation for a productive and effective process. I have vast experience working with diverse populations such as: seniors, Hasidic and religious jews, settlers (MITNAHALIM, in Hebrew), the LGBT community, women or couples undergoing fertility treatments, and plain “normative” people, like me and you. 

In addition, I have had a lot of experience with multicultural couples with language, religious or cultural barriers. While there are difficulties associated with partners who do not share a similar cultural foundation, there is much that can be done to work on and strengthen the relationship.

I am fluent and conduct therapy in Hebrew, English and French.

I will be happy to chat and see if we can work together.

Professional Experience

Social worker, psychotherapist, family therapist and sexologist

Professional status

Psychotherapist, member of the Israeli Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 

Certified family therapist, member of the Israeli Association for Couple and Family Therapy

Certified instructor of family therapy

Sexologist, member of the Israel Society of Sex Therapy


M.S.W Adelphi University, New York, USA (1980)

B.A University of Haifa (1978)

Graduate of the School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Bar Ilan University (1997)

Graduate of the Family Therapy course, Kibbutzim College (1985)

Work Experience

Freelancer and owns a private practice since 1990.

My approach integrates working individually and with couples, combining the dynamic analytical approach with family therapy and sex therapy.


"Amcha" in Tel Aviv, treating holocaust survivors of the first generation (PTSD) and the second generation, individually and with couples.

The Psychiatric Division at the Sheba Hospital, treating hospitalized patients and patients that were released from the hospital.

The Sexual Rehabilitation Unit at Tel Hashomer, which was the first institute in the country. Working individually, with couples and with groups with sexual dysfunction problems. Also, guiding interns.

The Family Therapy Center in Haifa. Work included treatment for couples therapy, family therapy and instructing students. In addition, I instructed courses as part of the program for training social workers from the north to become family therapists. 

The Family Therapy Center in Netanya. Work included couples therapy, family therapy and preparing expert opinions for court.


About Dorit Misholi

Psychotherapy, couples therapy and sex therapy

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